Specialized registrar Joint Stock Company «Interregional Registration Center» welcomes you on the official website of the company

At present, the upside potential for the real sector of the economy largely hinges on the prospect of obtaining financial resources from domestic and foreign investors. In this case, the maximum security of investments and therefore a high level of development of securities registry system acquire critical significance.

A specialized registrar Joint Stock Company «Interregional Registration Center» fully satisfies these criteria.

Incorporated in July 1993, Joint Stock Company «Interregional Registration Center» is a professional player on the securities market licensed by the Federal of Securities Market Commission to perform shareholders registration activities.

Membership in the self-regulatory organization «National Finance Association» (SRO NFA) enables the company to be kept abreast of the drafting and enactment process for relevant laws, regulations, and ordinances relating to the securities market.

Joint Stock Company «Interregional Registration Center» aims to offer the widest range of services to its clients, enforcing and safeguarding the rights and interests of investors, assuring the reliability of the registry system, minimizing business risks arising from maintaining the shareholders registers.

Joint Stock Company «Interregional Registration Center» has put in place a robust and efficacious system of minimizing risks inherent in its professional activities undertaken on the securities market to avoid losses both for the Registrar and its clients. It is a combination of internal risk management and internal controls and third party property damage liability insurance, provided to the Registrar by Ingosstrakh Insurance Company. It is the responsibility of a dedicated internal control, risk management and audit business units of the Registrar to oversee compliance with applicable registry rules and standards.

Joint Stock Company «Interregional Registration Center» maintains about 800 registers of shareholders of issuers located across Russia (including registers of international companies redomiciled to the Russian Federation), provides issuers and shareholders with the opportunity to use online service of personal electronic accounts, cross-border electronic document flow, electronic voting at general meetings of shareholders, registration of additional issues of securities based on the investment platform, planning and conducting general meetings of shareholders, arranging for and paying yields on securities.

A customer relationship is based on a customer-oriented approach and a complete understanding of customer needs. Joint Stock Company «Interregional Registration Center» is prepared to make arrangements with shareholders under a transfer agency agreement at an issuer's option.

Highly qualified employees of the Registrar who have many years’ experience in the securities market provide services to issuers and shareholders. More than half of the employees of Joint Stock Company «Interregional Registration Center» hold qualification certificates of financial market professionals.

Joint Stock Company «Interregional Registration Center» guarantees a timely and high-quality service to issuers and shareholders, and complete confidentiality and protection of information retained in the registry system.